3 Things That Seem To Be Missing In New Rock…

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Let’s talk about the FIRST thing that seems missing from much of today’s rock music:


Something that sticks in your head so deeply you want to hear it again and again. Get over yourself kids…there’s nothing ‘uncool’ about a catchy rock and roll song.

I have long been a big fan of ‘the hook’. To many of us, much of today’s rock, even if raw and emotive, can lack that earworm quality  of rock and rolls heyday. I’m really not certain as to the reason for this. Perhaps music snobs equate infectious rock songs with ‘selling out’ or sounding ‘too contrived’. The Jones has big hooks!

The SECOND thing that I am missing in new rock is:


The funky, sexy. swagger that makes you wanna move. As Keith Richards has said “Fuck the rock, it’s all about the ROLL.” Real rock and roll is in the bones. It’s body music, even more so than head music. It’s primal and starts with the beat. If there is one instrument that rock and roll cannot live without, that would be the drums. I could write a killer rock song with just a drum. The drum beat is the heart beat of rock and roll. The Jones is all about the groove!

Lastly, the THIRD element that I miss in much of today’s rock is:


Too many new or young bands take themselves WAY to seriously. Shoe gazing, sounding off politically or philosophizing  (at 21 years of age) Way too heady for me. I have my beliefs, I just don’t need to pollute my rock and roll with it. Get over yourself kids and write a song that has a HOOK, pumps with some GROOVE and allows yourself to have a bit of FUN.

The Jones’ latest album ‘Black Goat’, their sophomore offering ‘EXPLODER!’ as well as the debut album, ‘Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle’ are loaded with such gritty, groove oriented hooks.

As a SPECIAL THANK YOU for checking out The Jones, we would like to give you ANOTHER FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD, this one from our debut album, the slinky, punchy rocker ‘Crash ’77‘. Simply click the link here to download the track.

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Talk soon,

Chris ‘Jonesy’ Jones


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