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From Exploder: bam! bam! big amp humbucker heatin’ up head down spotlight burnin’ up given’ it all we gotta give it up lets get it on we’re gonna hit it hard gotta hit it really hard too loud that’s how we serve it up rock that roll all the way to light it up bam […]

3 Things That Seem To Be Missing In New Rock…

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ROCK ‘N’ ROLL WITH GROOVE, A HOOK AND A BIT OF FUN: Let’s talk about the FIRST thing that seems missing from much of today’s rock music: A HOOK! Something that sticks in your head so deeply you want to hear it again and again. Get over yourself kids…there’s nothing ‘uncool’ about a catchy rock […]

New rock with an old school roll

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Like you…I love rock ‘n roll. All rock ‘n roll. But my favorite rock ‘n roll seems to live somewhere around 1972. That’s when rock as a musical form seemed to hit its peak. It wasn’t green, yet was yet to be old. The Stones, Zeppelin, T-Rex, Bowie, Humble Pie…I could go on and on. […]