“I felt like something was missing in most new rock…turns out it was the roll.” ~ jonesy

The Jones is a work in progress. Two albums under their belt and just assembled. The Jones is Chris Jones (guitar, vocals) and Billy ‘Love’ Henricksen (drums, vocals) The Jones rose from the ashes of Detroit based Bazooka Jones following the death of that bands bassist. At that time, unwilling to move on without their dear friend, they decided instead to begin carving out new tunes. The result was the debut album “Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle”, a twelve pack of kick your teeth out, straight up rock and roll reminiscent of Mick Taylor era Stones, early Aerosmith and a smattering of funk rock ala Tommy Bolin. This was quickly followed by the latest release, “Exploder” building more of the same groove heavy, greasy rock that was well received in the first album. “I knew we would require a couple albums worth of material to do any ‘real’ shows. Covers are nothing I am interested in…build it and they will rock” was kind of my directive and this did indeed come to pass as the band is planning their maiden tour with some of the Detroit areas best artists. Pick up their albums and hear rock ‘n roll the way Keith intended. Sign up for the mailing list on the right side of the website and get FREE downloads as well as information when you might catch The Jones in sweaty, live action!

Chris ‘Jonesy’ Jones

“The Jones is about old school, groove and swagger rock and roll. That type of rock and roll that has been in hibernation for the last couple decades and doesn’t give a shit about what’s hip or politically correct. That ‘Stones meets Curtis Mayfield’ kind of rock and roll that you feel in your bones and travels below the belt. If you remember this kind of real rock and roll you’re gonna dig it. If you don’t check it out and see how bad ass your parents really were.” 

Jack Patterson / SHAM Magazine