“Brand new, old-school rock & roll”

Age: Old as dirt.
Location: Beneath the Motor City smokestacks.
Profession: Rock and roll obsessers!
Vibe: Guitar, drum, bass…rinse and repeat.
Musical approach: Gritty, Funky, Hooky. Creem Magazine circa 1972.
Quote: “Rock and roll should be felt in your bones.”

“The Jones is about old school, groove and swagger rock and roll. That type of rock and roll that has been in hibernation for the last couple decades and doesn’t give a shit about what’s hip or politically correct. That ‘Stones meets Curtis Mayfield’ kind of rock and roll that you feel in your bones and travels below the belt. If you remember this kind of real rock and roll you’re gonna dig it. If you don’t check it out and see how bad ass your parents really were.”

Jack Patterson / SHAM Magazine