New rock with an old school roll

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Like you…I love rock ‘n roll. All rock ‘n roll. But my favorite rock ‘n roll seems to live somewhere around 1972. That’s when rock as a musical form seemed to hit its peak. It wasn’t green, yet was yet to be old. The Stones, Zeppelin, T-Rex, Bowie, Humble Pie…I could go on and on. You could feel it in your bones. That era and type of rock has been categorized as “Classic rock”, so for sake of conversation, let’s roll with that tag.

Classic rock is and always will be…very much alive. Don’t mistake classic rock for ‘old rock’. It has a rich heritage born of the blues. Rough around the edges with a possessive groove. It makes you move. It wears the coolest clothes. Rock and roll is a survivor. Like all of us.  My own rock and roll story began in a small house packed with seven people, not much money, and more than our share of hard times….but also a record player that never stopped spinning, helping to form the soul of The Jones sound.

People like you, that haven’t given up on real rock and roll, understand that true rock and roll should stick in your head and make your ass shake. True rock and roll should retain the soul of its blues roots, just as the classic rock bands of the British invasion understood.

If you, like me, are ravenous for true rock and roll, but haven’t been excited by much of today’s ‘rock music’…then I promise you, you will dig The Jones. Check out an exciting rock ‘n’ roll threesome: the latest Black Goat, the second album ‘EXPLODER!’ or the debut ‘Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle‘. All three are loaded with gritty, guitar groove that helps keep real rock and roll alive. check out the THE JONES sound by clicking here.

~ Chris ‘Jonesy’ Jones

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