Brand New Old School Rock & Roll

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You remember staring at your favorite rock album cover while it spun on the turntable. Your parents yelling for you to turn it down. You remember sketching the logo of a rock band on your binder. Getting pumped when your current favorite track came on the rock and roll station. That groove, and instant infectious quality of true blue, real deal rock and roll. It’s no wonder that the rock of that era is referred to as ‘classic rock’.

You hear many say that classic rock is dead. I say bullshit.

Classic rock is and always will be…very much alive. Don’t mistake classic rock for ‘old rock’, it has become so much more than that. It has a rich heritage born of the blues. Rough around the edges with an unmistakable groove. You want to move when you hear it. It wears the coolest clothes. Rock and roll is a survivor. Like all of us.  My own rock and roll ‘survival story’ began in a small house packed with seven people. My father was a poet. A real one. My mother, an artist and angel. Financially, we were quite poor, but emotionally we were cared for (Dad was diagnosed early in my life with a brain tumor and was unable to work). Music was often times our escape from this dark reality. It was forever pumping down the stairs from the attic, out of my sisters record player. The complete gamete from 50’s greaser music, 60’s roots rock and roll, to 70’s hard rock and glam was represented, and it helped to created my own blend of rock and roll.

As a boy  I ate, drank and breathed rock and roll. Long before the internet and how-to YouTube videos, I sat on the edge of my bed armed with Harvey Vinston’s books “Rhythm Guitar” and “Lead Guitar”.  I spent countless hours honing my survival weapon (at the time, an old Gibson SG my mother scrounged and saved to buy at a second hand store). Just to form a chord and then move to another, was amazing to me. I instantly heard possibilities. Though I loved many artists and sucked up influences wherever I could, playing covers was never my cup of tea. I wanted to write real deal rock and roll of my own. No pretension. All groove, grit and rock and roll glory. I’m not afraid of a hook. I like a ‘catchy’ rock and roll song and no, I don’t see it as being ‘too commercial’ or ‘derivative’. Rock and roll is a primal music and often the simplest of rock tunes are the ones that get a person through a shitty day. Screw selling out, it’s rock and roll and I was buying in!

So it’s actually YOU, the listener that I give a shit about. Because YOU are a true rock and roll survivor and like me a REAL rock and roll fan. Fans that haven’t given up on real rock and roll, simply with the weak version we’ve been fed lately. Fans that understand that true rock and roll SHOULD stick in your head and make your ass move. True rock and roll SHOULD retain the soul of black music past, without chasing bubblegum R&B like any of the multitude of ‘Talent Search’ television programs. True rock is not concerned with what other musicians think, it’s concerned with what the truck driver, the factory worker, the frustrated office worker think.

If you, like me, are ravenous for real rock and roll, but haven’t been excited by much of today’s ‘rock music’…then I PROMISE you, you will feel it in The Jones debut ‘Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle’. But don’t listen to me, listen to the music by clicking here.

Put a copy of ‘Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle’ in your own rock and roll survival kit.

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