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Listen to what others are saying about The Jones:

“Like the panther…LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING!” ~Akemi Hiroshi / Red Core
“I get the comparisons to classic rock…but I hear something brand new as well!” ~Archibald Welter / Rocktasia
“They’re weird man, but these cats are real deal rock and roll” ~Lenny Goldstien / Pulsator


Classic rock is classic, even when it’s new.

“The Jones is the perfect rock and roll cocktail…part Stonesy rock and roll groove, part Bowie/Bolan glam hook and part Curtis Mayfield street funk” It’s not “everything old, is new again” but rather, “everything that was ever cool is still cool…it’s simply wrapped in a bad-ass new leather jacket.  The Jones possess a brand new groove with old school swagger. If you are a fan of rock and roll that has a wicked hook and makes your ass move, then The Jones ‘Brass Knuckle, Belt Buckle’  is a must have for your collection.

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