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Chris Jones, or ‘Jonesy’, was born in the blue collar neighborhood of East Dearborn bordering Detroit. His mother Marie, (an artist) and father Renwick, (a poet) did their best to raise their five children in their small asbestos shingle bungalow, but his father developed a brain tumor at a young age and passed when Chris was just 10. “I started playing guitar not all too long afterward, but never wanted to focus on the darkness of my fathers death, nor my mothers struggle to keep the home going. It was an escape. Rock and roll had become my survival kit. My mother was incredibly supportive..but never easy to please, which drove me harder. I recall once, after hearing Jimmy Hendrix she asked “when you gonna play like that?” (Luckily I’m more of a Keith Richards guy.)

Rock and roll with grit, groove and a hook was always the thing that clawed at me the most. I never wanted to play in a cover band, and so, started writing original material early on. So, many songs and bands later I arrive at Brass Buckle Belt Buckle and I believe I have nailed it. It’s real. Every tune is somebody, or something that existed or happened. Three chords, three minutes, rough and ready. I wrote and recorded the type of rock and roll record that I had been missing.. not throwback or nostalgic in anyway, it simply embodies what I feel is the real-deal rock and roll spirit.”

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