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The Jones’ guitar playing frontman Chris Jones was born beneath the smokestacks of Ford Motor’s Rouge plant just outside of Detroit. His mother Marie and father Renwick did their best to raise five wild-lings in their tiny, asbestos shingle bungalow, but Renwick developed a brain tumor at a young age and passed when Chris was just 10. “I started playing guitar not all too long afterward but because of the darkness of that situation, I never wanted to focus on the darkness of my fathers death” say’s Jones “nor my mothers struggle to keep the home going. She couldn’t afford it, but scraped together enough money to buy me a guitar. I have been trying to deserve it ever since.”

Bill “Billy Love” Henrikson is from neighboring Redford, also a blue-collar, working class town. Billy has played drums since he was a boy and is serious about his craft. Jonesy found Bill through a mutual musical friend and Bill was recruited to play drums in Bazooka Jones with Chris. A serious illness in the band sidelined Bazooka Jones and between the cracks of time, Jones began sketching new tunes without an outlet. Those tunes would eventual begin to take shape and form the material that would make up The Jones debut album Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle.

The bass spot (for live shows), is held down by one of a few of the duo’s favorite Detroit bass men. “It’s cool to be able to have that flexibility, and though they stay locked tightly to the songs, each brings a unique flavor, adding dimension and life to live performances” says Henrikson.

Rock and roll with major groove, swagger and big hooks. It’s real. Every tune is somebody, or something that existed or happened set to a landscape of overdrive and pounding rhythm. Three chords, three minutes, rough and ready. “I wrote and recorded the type of rock and roll record that I had been missing” states Jones. “Slinky swagger and groove. I miss that in a lot of rock music today. It doesn’t force me to move. Real rock and roll should force you to at least WANT to move. It’s not throwback or nostalgic in anyway, it simply embodies what I feel is the real deal rock and roll spirit.”

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