The Jones

HOME: Beneath Motorcity’s smokestacks.

AGE: Old as dirt (young dirt).

PROFESSION: The oldest profession in the world…faking it.

HOBBIES: Demonstrating to newbies that rock should roll.

LAST BOOK READ: Three Chords (and One Don’t Matter) by Keith Richards.

LAST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Navigating life as rock superstars completly unoticed.

QUOTE: “Fuck selling out, we’re buying in!”

PROFILE: Found on the back stairs of Detroit’s Cobo Arena in a Stroth’s
soaked guitar case, these well-seasoned nubies deliver bareknuckle rock
that rolls with absolutly no fear of a hook all without a proper major label
pilfering. ‘Plug it in and turn it up…this’ll only take about three and
a half minutes.’

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