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“Bareknuckle rock ‘n’ roll that’s groove-heavy on the roll…1972 meets tomorrow…loads of tube-drenched swagger.”

~Colin Patterson / Blistergroove


Name: The Jones

Location: Detroit

Style: It’s Still Only Rock ‘n Roll (I still Dig It)

New Release: Exploder

Debut Release: Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle

Label: Rock Off Records

Quote: “Whatdya mean Max’s Kansas City is closed?”

In A Nutshell : Six foot ventriloquist dummy named ‘Bullethead’ plays guitar in Detroit band Bazooka Jones. They build strong following, record two albums. Get airplay and horror film placement. Bass player becomes seriously ill. They can’t replace their brother so close up shop (until further notice) Chris Jones crawls out of his alter ego Bullethead and begins to write. Finds solace in raw, groove-filled rock ‘n roll ala The Stones turned up to twelve. Records and releases first album under the name ‘The Jones’. The album is titled ’Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle’ and is well received, gaining some college airplay and selling enough copies to record a second album ‘Exploder’ (an indie bands dream realized) A band is formed from Detroit rock ‘n roll mercenaries and will be heading out to support Exploder at fine clubs near you.

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